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Sacred Sage Travel Candle

  • First on record in Native American culture, burning sage was a way of connecting to the spirit of the earth, setting intentions, ceremonially asking for prosperity, blessings, or protection all while purifying and cleansing negativity and ridding yourself of unwanted energy. Sacred Sage aids in ridding the body, objects, and your space of negativity and bad energy while also inviting in brand new, positive energy. THIS is the candle you want to start your day with. Perfect scent to pair with your morning coffee, use during your favorite yoga class, inspire positive thoughts to help outline your week, or prepare yourself for the big meeting at work. Sacred Sage is thought to help boost cognition and energy levels while surrounding you with pure peace and happiness. The Sacred Sage scent envelops you in the most lovely earthy and cleansing scent that inspires you to greet the day with a smile, maybe give yourself some positive affirmations, and mentally prepare you for the day to come.

    The perfect herbaceously uplifting companion to our calming and warm, woody unwinding Palo Santo candle.

    Featuring notes of Lavender, White Sage, and Sandalwood

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    1. 55-60 hours burn time (approx.)
    2. Custom-blended fragrances w/ essential oils
    3. Recyclable metal travel tin - 2"H by 3.125"D
    4. Sustainably sourced cotton wicks
    5. 7.5 oz. proprietary soy wax blend
    6. handcrafted & packaged in Garland, TX
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